Top 10 Stocks by Dividend Growth

Over the last five years, these 10 companies had the highest dividend growth rates. The dividend growth rate is the annualized percentage rate of growth that a particular stock's dividend undergoes over a period of time.

  1. Middlefield Can-Global REIT Income Fund (TSX:RCO.UN): +64.38%
  2. E-L Financial Corporation Limited (TSX:ELF): +58.49%
  3. Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated (TSX:CLR): +51.57%
  4. Magellan Aero (TSX:MAL): +42.70%
  5. Quebecor Inc Cl.B Sv (TSX:QBR.B): +30.95%
  6. Wall Financial (TSX:WFC): +27.23%
  7. Maple Leaf Foods (TSX:MFI): +26.58%
  8. Transalta Renewables Inc. (TSX:RNW): +25.89%
  9. CCL Industries Inc. (Unlimited Class A Voting Shares) (TSX:CCL.A): +25.78%
  10. Canadian General Investments Limited (TSX:CGI): +23.93%
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